An Almost White Christmas and a Christmas Robin!

Whilst blizzards have been raging all around us on both sides of the Atlantic, our little bit of snow barely deserves mention ( Cotswold Snow - an apology ... ). However, a white Christmas is a rare event in the secret valley so here is the scene that greeted us from our upstairs window on Christmas morning.

Well, it's almost a white Christmas!

The bird most closely associated with Christmas and featuring on thousands of Christmas cards each year is the Robin. This little chap obligingly sat still on top of our dry stone wall for a photo shot. Although the cold weather has meant that the bird feeders have been especially busy, robins are always friendly and tame, getting under your feet looking for grubs as you dig the garden. Oddly enough, on the European mainland, they are shy, retiring woodland birds.

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  1. Been catching up on your posts. I think that hoar frost can be just as beautiful as snow and since it melts quicker its a darn sight easier to contend with! Your frosty photos and winter skies are lovely. I quite like our climate (mostly), wouldn't want to have to deal with ice and snow whole months at a time.

  2. Likewise, Heckety, your photos of the snow are beautiful. Not sure how people cope with weeks or months of the stuff - although I would be able to ski from home and might even have learnt how to play ice hockey. My two favourite sports and both impossible here!

  3. I love robins...we do not have them here in the desert where I live. I do love your frosty picture. We had a nice white layer of frost the other was beautiful.

  4. It's lovely and I imagine Barney is quite thrilled with his digs. I know my horses would be ga-ga over that pasture. :)

  5. Thanks for your good wishes. It is exciting and scary but I feel sure I have made the right decision. We had no snow at all this Christmas although it was bitterly cold. Still time though :-)

  6. A bit of white works. Lovely pictures. The Robin is very pretty!


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