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in pursuit of the spooky

It’s Halloween so when can be a better time to consider  what scares us and what doesn’t?  To be honest, I don’t really ‘get’ Halloween.  I don’t find any excitement in all those ghoulish faces cut into pumpkins or in the buying of fake cobwebs and skeletons.  Perhaps it’s because I don’t care for fancy dress of any kind: for me there is only a feeling of mild embarrassment on other people’s behalf as they don face paint and hideous costumes.  Quite why I should feel the need to apologise for other people’s silliness when they are obviously enjoying themselves enormously, as are those around them, goodness knows.  After all, it’s just a bit of harmless fun, isn’t it?  Possibly, but then again, possibly not. Beneath Huntington Castle Like many teenagers, I messed around with Ouija boards  without any lasting harm, but they can be a great source of trauma and anxiety for others.  It isn’t pumpkins and fancy dress that are scary, or for that matter, it isn’t the dead either, it’s the livi

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