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30 Years On - Sadness & Celebration (part two)

Earlier I wrote about the sadness felt  within my family, as well as the wider community, at the closure of our small department store that bore the family name, Shortlands.  It had spanned the generations for almost one hundred years, firstly as Langstons – my great-grandfather’s surname, and then, after one of his sales assistants married the boss’s daughter, renamed Arthur Shortland.  Clever chap, my grandad!  Later still, during my tenure, the ‘Arthur’ was dropped.  I locked the doors for the final time thirty years ago this spring.  Last month seemed an appropriate time to celebrate its history and tell the story, not just of our family connection, but also of the incredible people that worked there over the decades.  It can be read in Part One by  c lick ing on the link here.   I found the response to that blog incredible with so many people contacting me through my website or social media.  It was lovely, as well as humbling, to hear their memories and to know that Shortlands ha

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