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Here, Take It, and Don’t Cry [Nadir Un Vayn Nisht]

The evening of Sunday 8 th  February 1942 saw an elite group of  actors, writers and singers come together to celebrate the work of their friend and colleague,  Jakub Obarzanek , then at the height of his fame as an editor, comic writer and satirist.  Within months all of them would be dead, shot or gassed in the concentration camps of Poland, executed because of their Jewish heritage or political comment, or both. Invitation for the evening performance celebrating the work of Jakub Obarzanek, 1942 Jakub was born on 15 th  January 1891, probably in the city of  Lodz where he lived for much of his life.   The first son born to Samuel & Gitla, and into a comfortably off family, he would have been expected to follow in his father’s footsteps and work in the family business as a wholesale cloth merchant.  However, Jakub had always wanted to write and in 1918 he published his first pieces of work – humorous songs and verses in the  Lodzier Togblat,  one of the premier Polish Jewish news

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