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Grandma and The Man Who Never Was

Grandma was full of sayings that either  puzzled us as children, made us laugh or made us think “silly, old Grandma” – often it was all three.  One was that you should always go out wearing clean underwear in case you got run over by a bus.  The story below just goes to prove that, as always, Grandma was right, well almost right. Grandma was full of funny sayings & superstitions Herbert Fisher (HAL Fisher), husband of  Lettice Ilbert – whose own, remarkable story can be read  here  – was on his way to work during a WW2 blackout.  Warden of New College, Oxford and Chairman of the Conscientious Objectors Tribunal, he was in London for the latter when hit, not by a bus but by a lorry.  He died in hospital several days later on the 18 th  April 1940.  Little would he have thought, or Grandma for that matter, that his underwear would play a prominent part in the history of defeating Nazism. HAL Fisher [Source: Ancestry] About the same time as Fisher’s demise, in  south Wales, the mother

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