Where's the Snow in Snowdonia?

The converted chapel in Snowdonia sits isolated high up in the mountains of North Wales. It is where I have been staying for the past few weeks with no access to the internet (hence no recent posts) and free from every day concerns. Dolgellau, where the nearest shops are, is a twenty minute drive down steep, winding and narrow lanes - there is no incentive to drive there when you can be out walking or sitting snug by the wood burner.

The weather started out unseasonably mild with beautiful blue skies from dawn to dusk giving clear views of the tops of the mountains. Of course, compared to the mountain ranges of the world, the mountains of Snowdonia are not high, Mt. Snowden being the highest at 3560ft. The photo below shows the Cadair Idris range at 2831ft, one of the most popular areas for hill walking. Often mistaken for an extinct volcano because of its crater like top, it was actually formed by glaciation during the last Ice Age.

The Pecipice Walk is less well known and being close to 'our' house is a favourite walk. The path clings to the side of the mountain with a sharp drop to the valley and river below. Further along the path the view opens out to give wonderful views to the sea in the far distance.

The return route, on the other side of the mountain, gives the totally unexpected view of this small lake. The water is quite clear and tranquil and with its reflections of forest and sky, a pleasant place to rest and ponder.

Then the weather broke with torrential rain and flooding.....

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  1. I heard about the flooding on the news. I hope everything was okay for you all in the long run.

  2. What a beautiful place to spend some "away time"!

  3. I miss walking in Wales (and England). Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures!

  4. I've always wanted to spend a few weeks over there-just walking or bike riding. It's so beautiful and peaceful looking.

  5. We love it there and lucky that our friends have this place that we can use from time to time.

    Fortunately we weren't effected by the flooding - other than going through the odd bit of water across the road. The real damage to roads and bridges occurred a bit further north. A blog on this coming soon!

  6. What's this? A vacation spot with no access to the internet and (hopefully) no cellphone signals, as well? I'm in! :))


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