Christmas 2011

Many thanks to all of you that have read and followed my blog during 2011.  Despite the dire weather predictions, the secret valley is having the mildest Christmas for years.  Instead of extreme cold and deep snow as forecast some weeks ago, the sun has been shining and the temperature has risen to +13C.  I've had to rely on a snowy photograph from last winter!

Wishing you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas

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  1. We've been barraged with teeny white pellets that are lying on the ground pretending to be snow. Just below freezing here in North Tx. Wishing everyone a happy (holiday of choice) full of warm fuzzies and all the best goodies.

  2. Have a Cool Yule, hope 2012 brings all good things x

  3. Many thanks to you all. Happy New Year!

    My phoneline and broadband connections have been down for a few days so I may not reappear for a little while. They are supposed to be fixed tomorrow but I'm not expecting it to happen. Perhaps my new year's resolution should be 'try not to be so cynical' but it's hard not to be, I find!!



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