Over Excitement

This is She-Dog's second winter and, although we had some snow during the last one, I don't remember her being quite so lunatic. Perhaps it is because the snow is so much deeper this time.
. "I'll pretend to be interested in the river but I'm really hatching a plan...."

"If I stalk Barney he's bound to chase me"

"Call me old and grumpy but I ain't going no further or faster than this"

"I'll go for a gallop on my own then....

....and no-one goes faster than me"

"I seem to have run out of steam"

"Let's plod back up the path to home"

"Thank goodness, the wood burner's ablaze"

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  1. She looks like she's right in her element! Fantastic, isn't it, to see pure joy in the innocent.

  2. That's brilliant!
    We are getting a lot of fun from our dogs this weather too!

  3. Hello Johnson,

    There is something just so beautiful in watching a dog run. I'm not sure what my dogs would do if faced with snow. They have never seen any ;-)

  4. What a delightful post! If only we humans were able to delight in such simple pleasures so readily!

  5. I've seen lots of dogs enjoying the snow on the common near us - they really do seem to like it

  6. Thanks for your comment, Johnson, and happy to meet you :) That's ALOT of white out your window...that first pic of She-Dog at the water's edge is so pretty! And I love that your work is your passion!

  7. I could just imagine the joy she was feeling as she ran. Ahhh... the fire to lay by and warm one's self by. When my husband and I lived on his parent's farm, we used a wood burning stove in the winter--that is the warmest heat ever--just soaks through to your bones. Quite a bit of work, though to gather the wood and keep things going.

  8. Thanks to all of you for leaving comments. The snow is still falling here although it is supposed to be getting a bit warmer at the weekend. I can't say I shall be sorry!


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