Life is always so hectic - rushing here, there and everywhere - that it is all too easy to forget to take time out, do nothing but contemplate .....

So sit back, enjoy the summer warmth while you can and relax......

Or find a place in the shade....

Or lie amongst the corn and gaze at the sky.....
Just my luck! I really tried to relax in my van whilst waiting for the rain to stop - again - it wasn't easy but at least I had time to take a photo through the windscreen ......

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  1. Hi,I came over from The Corner Yard...I love your photos...just beautiful!

  2. Hi Sue and welcome! Thanks for the post - I hope you will visit regularly.

  3. Great blog and I'm glad I found you. Need to get up to visit those Cotswold gardens before the summer's over!

  4. Well, GG, with the weather we are having today, I think the summer might be over! Thanks for visiting and the kind words - a real honour coming from a 'proper' writer!

  5. Hi Johnson,
    Animals are way smarter then we humans aren't they. They know how to rest and not rush around everywhere. She-dog is beautiful, what kind is she? Thank you for visiting my blog and the kind comment. I was just wondering where your family was in Canada? it is kind of a big country.

  6. It does look quite lovely where you live. Is the header photo from your area? I love that winding stream! I don't actually have an SLR camera, I just have a really good point and shoot with a macro lens. I love it!

  7. Hi Deborah! Thanks for the post: She-dog is a lurcher, which is basically a mongrel bred for hunting (don't tell her, she thinks she is something rather special!)- she is mostly whippet with greyhound and a bit of shaggy sheepdog thrown in for good measure.
    My family are in Montreal although sum moved to New Mexico a few years ago. A change from one extreme climate to another! Johnson

  8. Thanks, Msrobin for calling by. The header photo is of the secret valley where I live - my cottage is just out of sight to the right of the photo. There's just us and one other which is perfect.

    The camera I use is very basic - just a small aim and fire Olympus. It's a bit restricting but I can't afford anything better just yet! Johnson


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