Nature Notes 2

There is something rather appealing about tiny, wild flowers. For me, the bird’s foot lotus or trefoil always makes me think of childhood summers – whereas my sister was content to make daisy chains from those found on the lawn, I wanted to search dry, grassy banks for what we called Eggs and Bacon.  To find the occasional burnt orange flower (the bacon) amongst the countless golden yellow ones (the eggs) was almost as good as being presented with a plateful of the real thing!

"It is so common, the bird's-foot lotus, it grows everywhere; 
yet if I purposely searched for days I should not have found a plot like this,
so rich, so golden, so glowing with sunshine.  You might pass it by in one stride,
yet it is worthy to be thought of for a week and remembered for a year"

The July Grass, Richard Jefferies, 1889

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