Blowing Your Own Trumpet.....

Regular followers of this blog may have read one I posted in September discussing reasons why I love living in the Cotswold Hills - Three Very Special Cotswold Reasons: Thursday 24th September 2009. This was developed from an idea suggested by The Guardian in conjunction with the English tourist board, enjoyEngland.

To my amazement and delight
, they have selected this blog as just one of ten to feature on their website. The link is

So thank you to all
my readers and especially my regular followers for encouraging me to keep writing. Your feedback is especially welcome.

........high above the secret valley........

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  1. Your blog is my favorite UK blog!!!

    North Carolina, USA

  2. Congratulations! That is pretty special, something to treasure forever! I will certainly read it!

  3. Wow, that is quite an accolade.You should be very proud.

  4. Johnson, congrat's !!! While I am a newbie to blogs and blogging I have read your blog (current and archived) and find them both informative and enjoyable. Congratulations again - G

  5. When you started your blog I was only your second follower and now there followed so many more!
    My congratulations with what you achived.
    You earn it!

  6. Thank you so much, all of you. All this praise is making my head get even bigger than normal! When I started blogging I didn't expect anyone to read it and so it comes as quite a shock (a nice one) to find that so many do! Once again, very many thanks for all your support and encouragement. Johnson

  7. Congratulations - though I'm not surprised! Your descriptions and love of the 'secret valley' has certainly inspired me to visit. :) Thanks for being out there.

  8. Thanks kate. Funnily enough, I've just this moment left a comment on your blog thanking you for inspiring me to write - it was you blog that got me going on this posting business!

  9. Congratulations Johnson! Well done for sure. You should be proud. What a joy to come visit you. :)


  10. Thanks, Jeannie. Yes, I do feel proud about it - and even more so, feel amazed that they chose mine!


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