Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The Time Has Come...

The time has come, not to say goodbye I hasten to add, but to cease blogging here on Blogspot.

The decision hasn't come easily for I have met many interesting people through these pages and enjoyed sharing your thoughts and stories.  However, I have been running this page in conjunction with my website - where you will also find the blog - for quite a while and the time has now come to devote all my energies into the website.  It will be there where, in due course, you will hear of the latest book I have been working on...

On my website you will find details of my other writing as well as Life in the English Cotswolds.  Clicking on the link will bring you to the familiar image below.  I do hope as many of you as possible will come and join me.

For very regular updates on life in the secret valley, or just life in general, come and visit my Facebook page where there are lots of photos, comments and discussions.  Clicking on the links will take you to that page.

I look forward to continuing our life's adventures together...

1 comment:

  1. I will check in at your site from now on. I have enjoyed reading about your life in the English Cotswolds.