Sunday, 24 April 2011

Puppy Update

Puppies progressing well!

Feeding time ......

Tummies filled and feeling sleepy .....

First view of the world - one eye open, one eye closed .....

First steps on four legs - rather wobbly ones .....

More puppy updates to follow!

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  1. Nothing like puppy breath! Can't wait to see photos to come. How many are you keeping?

  2. How adorable, and it looks as though She Dog is an excellent mother. It also looks like four puppies are going to look like Mama, and three will have a darker coloring.

  3. Mom looks the puppies are growing!! Rather partial to the one you have in your hand...beautiful color. Standing by for more puppy updates)))

  4. Glad everyone is doing well and is healthy. Looks like you have your hands full of puppy cuteness - LOL!

  5. Puppies! Be still my heart! I am waiting for a new puppy - maybe not even conceived yet, but I wait patiently. Our little cavalier Clementine is in want of a companion, as are we! ANy sighting of a puppy is bliss! Will watch to see their growth!

  6. That puppy looks like he is winking they are realy cute

  7. Thanks, all, for the messages. She-dog is spending far less time with them already, preferring the comfort of watching them from a sofa to being mauled every time she lies down with them!

    Good luck Jayne & Clementine. May your dreams come true!


  8. how lovely they are, little dumplings, They belie their lanky heritage :-D